This connected cock ring promises surprisingly discreet pleasure

This connected cock ring promises surprisingly discreet pleasure

As the team at The Body Optimist loves to keep an eye out for news in the world of sex toys, here is one that has it all. In response to the cute name "Bond", this is a rather surprising cock ring. It allows you to see your partner thanks to your smartphone to stimulate remotely.Let's discover new sexual pleasures outside of the bedroom!

... attachment, sex attachment

We-Vibe, manufacturer of world-famous sex toys, launched on August 30th a brand new sex toy: the "Bond". This SmartRing, or connected vibrating ring in French, makes it possible to discreetly stimulate the erogenous zones of people with penises.

While such intimate toys for people with a clitoris already exist, this is the world's first cock ring that offers the option of being worn discreetly outside the home. As a bonus, it opens up making it perfect for (almost) any penis size (35mm). diameter) adjust.

Even more surprising than James Bond, this sex toy promises us crazy shopping sprees or hectic restaurant evenings.Which will add a little (a lot) of spice to his sex life.A small toy like an ideal companion that will turn up the temperature almost everywhere, wherever fantasy and fantasy take you (2 hours of battery life per charge).

Discover this sex toy

Have fun across borders

How does this connected sex toy work?It's simple: Remotely controlled, via a remote control or the free We-Connect app, for solo or duo use.In other words, the wearer can keep this little secret and be in control of keep his pleasure, but he can also give control to his partner via the mobile app.

With your fingertips, with a single click, without touching the sex toy, you can operate it from your smartphone screen.Magic, isn't it?The intensity and mode of the toy's vibrations are of course adjustable.Bond offers a variety depending on the intensity chosen of vibrations, gentle or intense.

Its little extra?It has no distance limit.Unlike most connected sex toys, it therefore allows two separate partners on either end of the world to share an intimate and sensual moment.Perfect for maintaining a sex life remotely.

As invisible as James Bond's car

This ring's vibrations are silent and there will be no sexual healing style activating music by Marvin Gaye or... Cotton Eyed Joe (each separately). pants, rest assured.

With its small size (7.8 cm) and its ergonomic shape, it is precisely designed to be worn discreetly and unnoticed in everyday situations, simply at home, cooking or watching a movie. The possibilities are limitless!” explains We-Vibe in his press release.

And the female version in all of this?

The differences in masturbation between men and women still exist, so as a reminder, let's briefly present the female version of this brand's sex toy: the Moxie.This connected mini clitoral stimulator clips into underwear and stimulates the clitoris even remotely. Tested and approved!

Another piece of good news: It's possible for a mixed couple to wear a Bond and a Moxie at the same time, giving each other pleasure via their smartphones. Mutual masturbation has many benefits!

Have you ever tried the cock ring? Come and discuss it in our forum in the sexuality corner. We talk about it without taboos!