"Friends." Five scenes from the series, which are (very) very old

"Friends." Five scenes from the series, which are (very) very old

Die Friends-Serie wurde von 1994 bis 2004 ausgestrahlt und ist in einigen Punkten gealtert.Insbesondere diese fünf Szenen, die heute nicht mehr so ​​gedreht werden können.

1. Phoebe is named by Paolo. Sexually abused

Like Une Nounou d & APOs; enfer, another cult series of the 1990s, friends is aged in many respects, and for good reason the first season dates from 1994-1995 and some intrigues would have been treated differently if the show were to take place today.A prime example takes place in episode 12 of the first season of Friends, where Paolo-Rachel & APOs; s friend-Phoebe is sexually abused.

In the middle of a massage, Paolo strokes Phoebe & APOs; s leg and puts his hands on her buttocks, it & APOs; s neither more nor less than a sexual assault.However, this is not treated as such in the series.It & APOs; s simply said that Paolo tried to pick up Phoebe, who is even afraid that Rachel hates her when she finds out. In our post-MeToo era, such a gesture would certainly have been taken more seriously.

2. Joey realizes that he was touched by his tailor

In the first episode of the second season of Friends, Joey Chandler recommends going to Frankie, his tailor since his childhood, where Matthew Perry & APOs; s character becomes a victim of touching.When he talks to Joey about it, Joey doesn & APOs; t understand it and thinks that & APOs; s how pants are made.

After talking to Ross and Chandler about it, he realizes that as a child he was sexually abused by his tailor.If this were the theme of a joke in the series, this serious event would not be taken lightly if Friends were to unfold today, at the risk of another scandal threatening...

3. Ross doesn & APOs; t want his son Ben to play with a Barbie doll

At a time when gender stereotypes are fought for in toy stores because of their sexist character, this passage of friends has come into the years.

4. Chandler calls Monica "fat"

One of the recurring valves in the Friends series is the weight of the formerly obese monica.However, some comments on this topic wouldn & APOs; t go through today, for example, if we see the outcry caused by the series insatiable on Netflix. There & APOs; s a scene from episode 8 of Friends & APOs; fifth season, in which Chandler says to Ross in memory of her youth: & quot; I Don & APOs; t want to be stuck with your big sister all night. & quot;

This reflection by Chandler is simply big-ophobic and it is certain that it would be controversial in a series today.

5. Ross fires Sandy, Emma & APOs; s nanny because he & APOs; s a & quot; too sensitive & quot; man

The whole intrigue about Sandy, the male nanny that Ross and Rachel hire for their daughter Emma in episode 6 of season 9, is problematic. Ross-almost played by Eric McCormack-immediately feels uncomfortable with the idea that a man could do the job.In the middle of the interview, he doesn & APOs; t hesitate to question him about his sexuality.

In the end Ross fires Sandy because he doesn & APOs; t feel comfortable with a boy who is so sensitive.

The Friends series is fully available on Netflix.

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