Behind the door Jacques, his girlfriend, his happiness and his toys

Behind the door Jacques, his girlfriend, his happiness and his toys

Arts et être offers you a testimonial every Sunday that aims to illustrate what really happens behind the bedroom door, in privacy, far, far away from statistics and standards. This week: Jacques*, 58 years old

Posted February 7, 2021 at 5:00 am.

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Silvia Galipeau The press

He had put a cross on it. For him, the life of a couple was over. And then, last year, at the age of almost 60, Jacques met the woman of his life. But there is something even better: it is that it is perfect happiness , especially in bed, is crazy. Together, the new couple has actually discovered the joys of the sex toy ... for him. Foray into an unknown world, still a bit taboo.

"She changed my life! Jacques, a charismatic fifty-year-old with a shaved head, beams in front of the camera. "It's super great!", "Wonderfully good!", " Crazy love ! to describe.

But before we get to that, let's start at the beginning.What you should know is that Jacques has had a rather quiet journey so far.He had his first experiences when he was 16."And I married her!"Her story lasts more than 20 years. In bed?" Very good. If the flame went out at the end, it was purely from wear and tear. "We were together too often, 24 hours a day, we worked together and it ended up tiring the couple a bit." Clinging : The current confinement, oddly enough, is quite successful, on the contrary.

It's a great time in my life. We try not to say it too much, but it's wonderful.


In his mid-forties, Jacques separates, wandering around for a year or two before meeting a second woman, a storyline (from afar) that lasts three years moving them together," it quickly fades. "That probably wasn't the right person for me." The end of the story.

Another year of celibacy follows before Jacques meets the third woman in his life, a story that this time spans five years. "A good relationship," he says, "but I was rowing alone. So he's finally going. Over of history again. That was a little over a year ago. In his mind, at that precise moment in his life (that is, in the late fifties), Jacques crossed love I'll end my life alone."

Resigned? "It didn't take long," he laughs. A month I think!"

love at first sight

Then, completely by accident, he meets a woman at work and experiences a real "love at first sight". "She exudes an aura that freaks me out!" "Naturally "hyper-embarrassed" ("I never take the lead") , Jacques nevertheless finds the courage to invite him for a coffee."How about a glass of wine?", She adds.The evening ends with her.

"It's a little rosewater," he said, blushing, "but it's the same. It's a very, very beautiful love story."

All that long preamble to tell you that it was love at first sight even in bed. "It looked like it wasn't the first time we'd had sex together, almost. Like I had them by heart knew.Like I guessed it.We didn't need to have a good chat.It was super intense, three times a night!"

The fiery days, nights and sexting continue and come, you might have guessed it, containment. Madame invites Jacques to stay with her. "And I've been at her house ever since!"

But the story obviously doesn't end there. In fact, it starts here. Because with the months and the pandemic, their good relationship has only increased. Everything seems to flow naturally, with a gentle ease. "We talk a lot! he confirms. In In the same discussion we can talk about sexuality, the future and travel plans, I never knew that!"

This lightness is not trivial. In bed "we are both very, very open to each other's wishes and suggestions. There are no taboos!".

Example "The toys. We're finally here. By moving in together, the lovebirds actually shared their toys during a "fun and trippy" evening he still remembers. "He, he's my favorite, he, I like him less, etc."», explains Madame.Jacques, for his part, shows her a "cage" of chastity bought online but never tried before (hint for the curious: enter "cage" and "chastity" in your favorite search engine, and you'll quickly understand why it's here (question). Right from the start, Madame is open and above all "curious" to try. The idea? "She's the one who manages my sexuality, if you will," he sums up modestly. Yes, there is a small submission, but not a full submission. Let's hear, the couple here is not kinky.

We don't want to get into pure and hard BDSM [Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism and Masochism], it's a game! And it's fun!


The fun? In short: "She's the one who decides when penetration happens". If it hurts? No more than an underwired bra, we get it. But the question isn't there. By stretching pleasure like this (days, even weeks, with little "challenges"), his sexuality has "completely changed," he continues. "It's much more based on the hugs I can give, I've never been more attentive to my partner. She caresses me too and what I feel is very different! I dare say I have certain orgasms to caress! He himself can't get over it. "It's super awesome! It's no more: we love each other, I ejaculate and it's over! It's much longer, and the pleasures felt are multiplied tenfold!"

But no, at the risk of repeating it, "there's no BDSM connotation in it, just lots of love and tenderness," he reiterates, well aware of the taboos surrounding sexuality in general and some sexual practices in particular. Indeed, there have been she doesn't tell anyone about it. "But it has to be done, they told themselves up until now, it's too much fun!""

Moral? "Sexuality is fun when there's no pressure, between two people who love each other, it's super awesome," he says. We don't live for sex. But it's an integral part of our lives." Well said.

* Fictitious first name to protect his anonymity.

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