I tested a 4-way plan with my boyfriend, also a deserting: the more, the better ... the more we laugh?

I tested a 4-way plan with my boyfriend, also a deserting: the more, the better ... the more we laugh?

In a relationship for four and a half years and familiar with swinger clubs for two, this reader tested a 4-way plan with her companion for the first time. She tells of this experience and everything that has brought her libertiism. With the additional bonusThe opinion of his partner!

April 27, 2020

With my friend we have always been interested in the world of debauchery. The first time we were in a Wüstling club, it was our first Valentine's Day, after 4 months of relationship ... and 4 months after my first time!

I was 19, he was 26.

My friend and I, a nice story of complicity

My friend and I have been together for 4 ½ years. We got to know each other at scouting. Yes, the guys in the shirts, the calendars, cakes, etc.

In the year that followed our meeting, we saw each other very little, but the feeling was very present. He finally took me home a evening and we went home together. He became my first friend and my first time.

Before I met him, I was very bad in my body and complex. When I entered into a relationship with him, I quickly got rid of everything. We always talked about everything and are really connected.

The ass was a way to bring us together. He made me known with lingerie (a new great passion), we also discovered sex toys (another fantastic discovery), he also quickly tested the anal pleasure ...

In general, we are a very tight couple, and apart from my fear, which has eaten us very much, our relationship quickly became natural.

I moved in with him 6 months after our debut and am proud of what we have become today: a couple that communicates, helps each other and that nobody hides their feelings.

Our first experience in a swinger club as a couple

So for the protocol, our first time in a Wüstling club was our first Valentine's Day together. We celebrated our 4 months as a couple, we had already talked about this imagination, we were a little boring ... and we said "Why not!"".

We were aware that nothing was mandatory there.

We quickly liked the world of debauchery: the mixture of the body, the complete lack of judgment, observe and observed without it being unhealthy or strange. We found a lot of beauty, sensuality, like a world, in barriers.

The first time was quite difficult because a group of boys followed all the time, but a couple came in the fifties to speak to us and to calm us very down.Dating sites to register. Damals called us "lovers" and we were in the mode:

We hadn't said "I love you" yet, but this couple did it right, we really felt like a couple and fell in love. This experience showed that we were very closely connected.

Our meeting with "the other couple"

We quickly registered at a site for Wüstling meetings.

Before the meeting, we took the time to talk to the people, but nothing had never ended about this page. We didn't have to drive too quickly to feel comfortable (especially me).

But one day ... we liked the plate of a couple. We started to send each other kisses (a kind of "I like" that we can send to a profile), a few messages about the website and here we are,Exchange our numbers to start chatting via WhatsApp!

Strangely enough, we felt it.

Discussions begin. Jeder talks about his fantasies, his sex toys, what he likes ... We talk not only about our ass, but also about ourselves. We discover certain aspects of your life that you also have a dog, a bond is created.

We therefore decide to make an appointment between our two places on the same weekend to go out to eat in the restaurant.

I am stressed and excited on the trip. I can sometimes get stuck a little (yes, it seems strange to write that, especially in an article about debauchery and four ...) and I was really nervous.

I had to make sure with my friend at least ten times that if we don't want, we don't do anything. The basis that they tell me, but I had to hear them.

So we came together, we chatted about our livelihood, our hobbies ... The discussions went well.

Our four with a different couple

When I left the restaurant, I made it clear that I was stressed and wanted to take my time. So we took a walk and landed on the edge of a stream where the excitement started to rise.

I had brought cheeky games and sex toys with me, so we started with questions, our eyes were always wearer ...

They finally invited us to where we drank something - they have to relax - and we went to their room.

They were beautiful. It was plump, teddy bear style, a slightly female look, eyes to lose, small lips, he showed a lot of sensitivity. She was thin, blond, had little breasts, one of which was pear-shaped, and wore a body that wasshe made it even crispier.

Ich habe mit meinem Freund, auch ein Wüstling, einen 4-Wege-Plan getestet: Je mehr, desto besser… desto mehr lachen wir?

We started serious things, very carefully: every couple began to kiss, each watched, half amused, half sensually.

Then all mouths mixed (all are bi or bicurieux).

I loved kissing her. I continue to discover my panexuality and love to go on a journey of discovery with the girls. Love your breasts, nibble on your nipples, stroke your corners, your buttocks, your necks and continue to learn youThe art of cunnilingus!

I was not disappointed by the trip, because I couldn't just practice a cunnilingus, and she really enjoyed it! I felt so tough at the time, because yes, having sex is not easy, especially at the beginning.Young lady on to introduce a finger, two fingers, three fingers, hand!

Yes, yes, yes, you understood correctly, I had a bird!

I think I can die in peace. It was one of the best experiences of my life! Your friend was the next one, he led me when she had a great time, I felt her body reacted to my fistThey moan and felt their sperm while I was in her ... C was crazy!

Then she came to reflection and started to suck my friend who had got out. I also had fun with my one-night lover, whom I kissed a lot, whose body I also discovered with pleasure, I also sucked him up and heI took me with his friend at the same time.

It was great to feel so much love and attachment to this couple. It was wonderful! Our bodies mingled in such splendor ... Of course, everything was nice, sensual, funny, cheeky.

I really have the feeling that I did three people that day and not only "slept".

After that we ate and went, full of endorphins, high and were looking forward to our crazy special day. It was the first time that we had such a healthy, liberating experience with another couple.

You spoke to us beyond the physical one and I have the feeling that part of me fell in love. I don't know if we will ever see each other again, but I will appreciate this wonderful day that made it possible for me,to learn more about myself.

How to experience libertiism as a couple

Whether for Wüstling clubs or group plans, if you are in a bare place with many people who know that everything or nothing can happen, it is better to trust your / your partner.

I think we are not the only ones, but we have developed codes, because even if we are accomplice of our partner, when we are naked and surrounded by people or are in action, we have to be able to communicate discreetly.

When I write codes, these are gestures that have a meaning for us: pinch in the ear, put your finger on your forehead, "okay" in sign language ... How very practical you are, we use it tooIn normal life!

The most important ingredient is of course communication, before and after to talk about feelings, fears, etc.Not.

You have to be able to tell yourself that you do not know how you will feel when you see or do something, and at this point when we don't like it, dare to say.

If you want to try it, you also have to consider that Wüstling clubs are places without judgment, especially in desert saunas. Because everyone is naked and accepts their nudity, everyone is nice, no matter what they look like.

I think that debauchery bring beauty and pleasure into the world, regardless of whether you like BDSM or "classic" sex ("vanilla" in the jargon). There is a saying in the debauchery that I like and should emerge from this context:

It takes a lot of pressure from what is acceptable and what is not. I do not embellish a bit but in this context, no more social conventions, and we love it! It is the open door to what we want (of course we respect others and useven).

What the libertiism of my relationship and me brought me

The debauchery helped us to free the word in our couple through our fantasies, fears, wishes ... listen to you.

It helped me to win confidence in my partner, despite my great gaps in confidence in myself and others in general, which I treat as well as possible and at my own pace.

When I started to enter debauchery, I became even more aware that we were systematically locked up in boxes. And this exercise helped me to make a big fuck!

These experiences are a mixture of many emotions: a little fear, concern, excitement, sometimes pure joy, euphoria, joy because we have tested a new trick ...

I am a pretty shy person and it is still difficult for me to really let go, but I love what I experience and discover again and again., To gain trust in my body, learn to love it and at the same time love myself.

It helps me to feel sexy and I am no longer ashamed to talk about sex. I feel more powerful, I realized that I could like. I could discover and meet myself!

It also allowed me to question my sexual orientation: I think I'm a Pansexual, but I have no real opinion, and that is not important.

I also compare libertiism with a bladder / bracket: what happens there remains there and has no direct influence on my life!

The point of view of my companion to our experience of debauchery

In order to complete this certificate, my companion also wanted to add his point of view:

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