Why we need to fight prejudice against sex toys

Why we need to fight prejudice against sex toys

Female-only, huge and downright suggestive, flimsy palliatives for die-hard singles,... Prejudice about sex toys is persistent or that you simply do not dare to buy a vibrator, the sex toy apparently remains a synonym for a lonely sexuality. a bit shameful.

However, according to an Ifop survey published in 2017, a quarter of the French use one of these sumptuous toys at least once a year sex toys have much more to offer you than their simple adjustable vibration.

In collaboration with sex toy ordering site Rue des Plaisirs, we encourage you to shatter three preconceived notions about these spicy accessories.

Sex toys necessarily imitate phallic penetration

"Before I actually had a sex toy in my hands, I had a lot of images in my head that were more pornographic than reality!" laughs Noémie, 32 years old, professor of literature. "For me, it was inevitably a vulgar reproduction of the male Sex, not very tasty ribs mimicking swollen veins included. Nothing that can seduce me or make me happy”.

However, when a friend gave her a selection of toys for her birthday, Noémie changed her perspective. “I discovered that vibrators can also be thin, lightly colored, subtle and stimulate the clitoris without focusing on vaginal penetration. Not to mention from the accessories, such as the vibrating ring to put on the penis, which my companion really liked."

Far from focusing on penetration, modern vibrators explore all aspects of female and male pleasure, allowing you to expand the range of possibilities. For LGBTQIA+ couples, sex toy manufacturers have also enriched the ranges and accessories. Here's how it can What was once a cumbersome lesbian strap-on harness can now be replaced by panties to which the vibrator can be easily attached, which not only suggests the penis but can also take the form of fingers. More ergonomic, elegant and technological, new generation toys has something that turns heads!

Vibrators are reserved only for sexpert.es

To use a sex toy, do you need instructions and a patent that certifies at least ten years of sexual experience? For Pierre, 26, a student, paradoxically, using sex toys has been a headache for a long time who knew what to order or which stores to go to.But in the end I let go and took the plunge and today I have more of a beautiful collection to show my partners.

When they're having fun together, sex toys are also an opportunity to get to know each other better.By buying a butt plug, Pierre discovered prostate orgasm trying it alone, I finally understood the mechanism and, above all, discovered new and unforgettable sensations”.

It's abnormal to have fun alone when you're in a relationship

"When I discovered that my girlfriend continued to masturbate when we were officially a couple, I was really hurt," says Anna, 28, actress. "I wondered if it was my fault if I wasn't giving him enough pleasure have."After long conversations with her lover, Anna gradually got rid of this prejudice."I understood that it is important to keep moments for yourself and that what happens in the couple's room has nothing to do with what what you experience and explore alone."

In addition, the vibrator can also have a therapeutic vocation beyond pleasure. For women with dyspareunia - pain during vaginal penetration - the vibrator, which stimulates the vaginal wall and clitoris at the same time, can be used to relax and soothe their penetrative relationship.

In the case of pathologies such as endometriosis, reaching an orgasm can also help generate a moment of relaxation, abandonment and self-esteem.Also know that solitary pleasure is recommended to prevent cardiovascular diseases: the orgasm thus guides the heart to intense and prolonged strokes.

So convinced?On your marks, get set, vibrate!

Photo credit: Ruedesplaisirs.com

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