How can we still believe in love? Related topics

 How can we still believe in love?  Related topics

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Your dismay shows that you tried to live it, that great love, but that you were disappointed.

Living a myth is putting yourself in a bad position. Because 'great love' is a myth specific to Western culture. The idea of ​​two destined people who, when they meet, instantly recognize and each other Falling in love forever is one of those romantic ideas that undermines healthy romantic relationships.

Of course there is passionate love, but in principle it only lasts for a relatively short time, at most a few months, during which one lives only through the other.

That's good, because that's not the way to live your life. A solid love relationship breaks down into a regularly renewed seductive relationship (one shouldn't be afraid to charm and subdue the other to get their desire) and an empathic relationship that allows one to understand each other.A lasting couple is built on shared adventures that become the couple's history, their founding myths, the development of small intimate rituals.

When the couple is a community, not everything has to be shared. Giving too much is asking too much: it is better to negotiate what is shared and what stays in the secret garden.

Ultimately, it is no longer a given that your relationship will last today. It requires knowing when to lose your head and when to keep it on your shoulders!


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I also doubt that love still exists but I want to believe it.It's been 7 years since I've been with my boyfriend and I only knew him because I'm 23 and he's 24.We only dated Asked questions about our relationship to know if we should experience something different, but we don't want to, we love each other like the first day and it is, even if people don't understand that we haven't had any other relationship before .We will not rely on each other to be like the others and have others...


Stop looking at others is not the example you should follow, live your life for yourself in your bubble, your world, your universe, with the chosen man and your family, your friends and then we tend to see the negative to look at but there are also couples that work sorry anyway as long as the man is unfaithful and selfish and he stops lying and making excuses it will turn around


I am proof that we can believe in love over and over again: My 1st daughter's father left me for a colleague!Father 2 my 2nd died 3 years ago!I just met 1 man who I have wonderful moments with spend: We can say we are 2 Kinkas HAPPY! You have to stay OPEN, happiness, spontaneity, it rubs off on you! You have to make others want your presence. Never bend over, and yet I could have. It's probably my...


I'll be 20 soon, and I don't agree with either you or the psychiatrist ... I've lived a "story", it's been a little less than two years now with a person who had nothing to do, she cheated on me and betrayed ... After that I didn't want to believe in people or in love anymore ... And then a year and four months ago I met a great man ... ... It would have been too strange (he had .. .


It's hard to believe in true love, but sometimes we can bring ourselves, I've been living with someone for seven months and I'm happy, but on the other hand, at the slightest worry I'm afraid I've made a mistake, I've got the all the time the renewal because he asked me we test and we do many scenarios in love, he always asks me to be quite seductive and for me it makes me very funny but to keep it I try everything for the whole. ..yes I like it and above all I don't want it...

Antoine V

Love is the essence of my life, how can I believe that we have to live without it ... It is possible that love is becoming more and more "utopian", but I sincerely believe that it is because of this loss of trust in him ( love), that we weaken him. To believe that it is impossible to find someone for life is due to a feeling of weakness in our "society" that encourages hate, turns love into a simple sexual act, nourishes ...


love is not a game; being sincere is one of the keys to success, but not alone soon


After a failed love relationship it's always hard to believe that love exists... After a relationship of 6 years and 2 years of back and forth I'm finding a single mom and I'm not sure if I'll be able again to love again...


I was very much in love 6 years ago. Our story took about 5 years. He was dating 1 other and he just told me he didn't want to cheat on her even though he had just done that to me. During the time I was in that he was able to "settle in" had been his "toy"???Nevertheless I'm scared now.