Where is the best place to hide your sex toys?

Where is the best place to hide your sex toys?

Where is the best place to hide your sex toys?

Posted by Justine Rousseau on 09/16/2021 at 1:28 PM

But where should you hide your sex toys? Where's the best place? A study reveals where the French prefer to hide their toys, and you'll see they can stuff them anywhere.

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Sex toys: more people are using them

7% of the French (all genders combined) reported using sex toys regularly in 2001. Today, attitudes have changed and 50% of men versus 52% of women use them regularly. Used alone or with a partner, the sex toy is an object of desire (46% have already used two and 34% alone). Yet it remains still a taboo topic today. In fact, according to one study, 42% of people who use it regularly have spoken to a close friend, 14% to a family member, and 5% to their parents.

It's true that a sex toy shouldn't be left on the fireplace in the living room. We therefore need to find hiding places to store it. So where do you hide your sex toys? to own. The goal is to know where we store them most.

Bedroom, kitchen, bathroom: All places are possible

In general, a sex toy doesn't hide very far from the bed. In fact, the study shows that 31% of respondents stow their toy(s) in the bedside drawer for easy access. Slightly more original, 25% of the 2,012 people say they hide it (s) in ... her dressing room.

The numbers are falling rapidly: 6% of 2,012 people say they hide in the bathroom. Even more original, the study then shows that 5% of respondents hide their sex toy(s) under their pillow. Maybe a faster one Getting there. Finally, only 1% of respondents hide their toy(s)... in the kitchen. Next to the pots, the chosen place is indeed not very discreet.

According to the study, the best hiding place has unfortunately not yet been found, as 25% of those surveyed said they had accidentally laid face-to-face on the sex toy(s) of one of their relatives (friend(s), brother, sister, parents).

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